What's behind a ticket?

There’s the work of many professionals in the ticketing departments of organizations that produce shows and events. 

There’s people who aim at delivering the best experience and the highest level of safety to the wide range of public they serve. “Customer Relations” shouldn’t be an empty term, but rather the core of this business: let each ticket be the most effective marketing tool. 

Attractive.it provides the tools, technology and services to these professionals, and we do it best when their motto mirrors ours: “Yes, we care!” 

  • Tools

    Smaller events? Doesn’t mean you have to be invisible

    People who organize small events often feel overwhelmed and shadowed by the bigger organizations who handle stadium-size concerts and massive events. We believe that the quality of an event is far more valuable than its size, yet we understand that it’s crucial for small organizers to have the right tools in order to be visible in a world bursting with events at every corner.

    The portal Boxol.it generated from the idea that unity is strength. We created a hub where several promoters and organizations of different sizes merge, making their tickets easily available to the public in one place. 

    It is true that everything on the Internet is a click away. However, two issues arise for organizations seeking to sell tickets in a corner of the web. The first problem is visibility, or being found by potential customers. The second issue is finding the right technological structure, capable of dealing with traffic peaks without service disruptions, as well as being able to offer customer-tailored solutions to increase the quality of experience, such as smartphone ticketing or 3D visuals of the venues and seating. 

    Our unified hub doesn’t translate in the obligation of a unique image or the same portfolio of services. As a matter of fact, Boxol hosts a wide variety of websites, with different offerings and different looks, ranging from regional pre-sale networks to free bookings for the Repubblica delle Idee, to last minute distribution channels for festivals such as Umbria Jazz or the Venice Film Festival.  

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    NTS100, the internet-native box office

  • Technologies

    Smooth and versatile access control

    The technologies we provide to our clients are proof of exceptional care for the final user. Attention to the event-goers’ needs also means putting the access control operators in the position to do their job at their best. Our access control technologies allow people who work in access control to be able to read any form of ticket available today: on smartphones, tablets, watches, home-printed PDFs, and, of course, traditional tickets. Making sure that access control operators are relieved from technical issues means freeing their time and mind, allowing for their efforts to be fully dedicated to the public. This results in more willing and confident operators, who are helpful in solving potential problems with clients.

     The access control stations equipped with our NTC system terminals are able to read all these formats, smoothly switching from one to the other, without causing disruptions or loosing continuity.

    The terminal screens the ticket’s information, allowing the operator to monitor the data determining the approval or denial of the customer’s access to the venue.
    Simultaneously, the supervisor monitors the overall stream of entrance in real time, through a simple browser, from any place in the venue with wifi or phone coverage.  
  • People

    A mobile ticket is always with you

    Today, tickets for an event are bought months in advance. Once it’s show-time, one has to retrieve all the necessary documents and bring them along. It’s crucial to ensure that tickets are always conveniently accessible. This simplifies the life of those who buy tickets months in advance, and those who possess annual membership cards. Our integration with AppleWallet/Passbook and GooglePay makes it possible for the customer to store their tickets safely on a mobile device, and easily retrieve it whenever needed. We are dedicated to providing simple solutions that facilitate the highest level of entertainment for the users.

    Through AppleWallet/Passbook and GooglePay you can conveniently store all purchased tickets in the form of Pass, always at hand in your digital pocket, but its potential does not end here. The wallet in your smartphone doesn’t merely store of all your tickets in one place. Indeed, Passes embed the geographic coordinates of a given event (in the case of concerts, conventions, etc.) or place (e.g. the station/airport of departure) and the time at which the event starts or the flight/train leaves, and so on. 

    This appears in the form of a push notification on your device. All you have to do is slide your finger on it to access the full ticket. You will receive the push notification when the device detects your presence in the proximity of the event. 

    We can create tickets of all types: from concerts and conventions to those for cinemas as well as air and train tickets. The possibilities are almost limitless, all you have to do is ask.

    Let us show an example: suppose that our user has a ticket for the concert Singer X, September 15th at 21.00 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. The user has bought the ticket online, which got attached to an email, generated in a special format compatible with the e-wallet in your smartphone and then automatically added to the application by the system. If that person were to approach the Olympic Stadium in Rome on September 15, your smartphone would automatically activate a pop-up alert to remind the user that a ticket is stored and available for the event, on that day. The user slides his finger on the banner to open the pass, thus avoiding the tedious and time-consuming ticket research typically happening whenever users have to fish out the right email in their inbox.

    Care to know more details?

    Passbook and the iWatch: tickets on your wrist

    Passbook for dummies

  • People

    Wrong timing, all the time?

    In the entertainment business, ticketing begins at the end of the long process that allows the organization of an event. Once an art collection has been revealed, or after an artist releases their tour schedule and so on. Once the setting is established, our work begins. Although our business is the last to be able to start working, we are the first contact with the public. Our work is mosaic, in months before the event we have to constantly keep an eye on numbers and statistics. The other businesses around a given event are often addressing the ticketing business to seek reassurance in numbers, and it's our job to understand whether an event requires that additional push in order to take off. This is a lengthy process, and more often than not requests come in with the wrong timing, all time, for instance when you're not at your desk with all the tools at your disposal.

    NTS100 is our ticketing machine, and it was born from the very beginning with an internet browser. This allows to monitor the status of events and ticketing from everywhere, with the touch of a finger. 

    It was the first Italian ticketing system fully operable with a browser(firstly certified in 2003 by the Italian Revenue Agency). Today, this means  martphones and tablets, to be handy and accessible at all times.

    In other terms, this means you can monitor the situation and ticketing activity from your smartphone or tablet, report, make changes to the security settings, reserve seats, check the status of accounts, as well as address the nagging doubts about that unclear sold seat. 

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    NTS100, the internet-native box office

  • Tools

    Crowd Management

    Concerts and events are moments of pure fun, a way to meet other people who share the same interests, a way to belong to a group and share a special moment. Making each participant feel "special " is our goal. We provide the tools necessary to ensure the success of an event, both for the public and for those who organize.

    Identification bracelets are a simple but very effective solution, suitable for several occasions.

    ID bracelets are the ideal solution to diversify users who need access to different areas, as well as helping to spot illegal entries. On top of this, their capacity to be custom-made and personalized fulfills any sort of branding need. 

    The bracelets are not transferable, due to the different closures. They come in different colors and are made with a range of materials, such as Tyvek - which looks like paper but is made of synthetic fiber. This material is waterproof and tear-proof.

    Other bracelets use Vinyl, a synthetic material which makes them comfortable to wear, yet very durable, featuring a plastic snap closure.

  • People

    Staying at the Box Office

    People who work at the box office handle printed tickets, bills and cash all day long, maybe with few opportunities to wash their hands. Box offices are often placed in outside areas such as parks or parking lots, especially during summer events, making water flow a luxury.

    Theoretically speaking, the issue of touching cash could be reduced by cutting the use of traditional bills and increasing the reliance on electronic currency (debit cards, credit cards, phone payments etc). Box offices that decide to do so, can take advantage of NTS100 proceeds-differentiation function, which also facilitates the proceeds’ count at the end of the day. However, due to the high Italian commissions on the takings, several box offices can’t afford this option. 

    We came up with an alternative solution, by providing our clients with a small box office kit, which consists of two gadgets: a sleek hand-sanitizer with lemon scent (which can be easily attached to the lanyard with your badge), and a bunch of compact, biodegradable, bamboo-fiber towels, that look like a tablet but transform into environmentally friendly napkins that can be used up to 40 times. 

    We provide them free of charge, with much pleasure, because there’s no such thing as enough when it comes to caring :-) 

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    Box Office kit

About us

  • Who we are

    and where we come from

    Our team developed from those who first brought e-commerce into the Italian ticketing business (1997, U2 in Reggio Emilia, a date we can’t forget!)
    Since then, we have relentlessly pursued innovative solutions for the marketing and distribution of ticketing services. 

  • 2003-2008-2016

    The modern age of Italian tickets

    Ever since the Italian law overcame the SIAE stamps (thanks to the new fiscal regulations in effect on 2003), we have actively participated in the efforts for the complete de-materialization of tickets.
    From 2008 on, we focused our endeavors on the security, comfort, and usability of tickets in all their forms. The latter still represents our mission to this day. 


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Are you new around here?

We like to meet new folks, especially if this leads us to new opportunities to work together and learn. 
Shoot us a message, we're always available! 

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